Good Idea/Bad Idea

2015-09-29 14:18:45 by mattyburrito

No one's gonna read this, but if anyone does and wants to chime in, it'd be much appreciated.

PATREON. Its something everyone's doing, and it seems like only the big, established artists really get the best out of it... And me being a pretentious dickhead, I'm looking into starting one myself. 

No seriously I only think about it because a lot of people have been asking me to make more Pokemon parodies, and as much as I'd LIKE to I can't commit to it unless I can pay my bills in the process. Commissions take up all of my time and I hate doing them - and it doesn't take a lot to live here in the Philippines, so if I started it here and could grow the numbers from there things would pan out great and I could focus on giving my audience what they want.

But basically WHEN is the right time to start a Patreon? Is there a rule? Is it even okay to start one just for the sake of making parody cartoons? Though the eventual goal would be to go into making an original series... 

Its a tough call.. 

 I've seen a lot of artists on here touch base with the community through posts like these, so I just wanted to write up for anyone remotely interested.

I wanted to thank everybody for all the feedback on my Pokemon parody "Pokemon Golder," and I decided to make a part two to cover more of the game. 

Unfortunately, I can't commit as much time as I'd like to on the animation due to work, life, and all the other stuff that distracts us all but I'm cranking out time on it whenever I am able. 



2015-02-08 01:11:49 by mattyburrito

My name's Matt and I like to draw things.

I had another channel here recently called Best Quest featuring a cartoon series I created under the same name. Unfortunately, I was producing the show under a local Filipino studio and while we had a lot of fun making the show-- I couldn't afford to work there anymore once they stopped paying me (happens A LOT in the Philippines.)

I'm continuing the old show under a new name, Next Quest, and working on some new projects too now that I'm a free, independent, and technically unemployed man.  

Anyway TLDR, thanks for welcoming me, NG! Hope I get the chance to meet and chat with all you wickedly talented artists out there!