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Good Idea/Bad Idea

2015-09-29 14:18:45 by mattyburrito

No one's gonna read this, but if anyone does and wants to chime in, it'd be much appreciated.

PATREON. Its something everyone's doing, and it seems like only the big, established artists really get the best out of it... And me being a pretentious dickhead, I'm looking into starting one myself. 

No seriously I only think about it because a lot of people have been asking me to make more Pokemon parodies, and as much as I'd LIKE to I can't commit to it unless I can pay my bills in the process. Commissions take up all of my time and I hate doing them - and it doesn't take a lot to live here in the Philippines, so if I started it here and could grow the numbers from there things would pan out great and I could focus on giving my audience what they want.

But basically WHEN is the right time to start a Patreon? Is there a rule? Is it even okay to start one just for the sake of making parody cartoons? Though the eventual goal would be to go into making an original series... 

Its a tough call.. 


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2015-09-29 23:53:51

Well, I don't think that there is any rule, besides from the ones that are clearly explained within the Patreon page but, I got some friends with Patreon who don't have any significant earning or actual FANS.

So I think it's up to you decide WHEN is the right time or not.

mattyburrito responds:

I see, and I apologize if my post came across as bitter/jaded that wasn't my intention. This is something I'm taking very seriously and I really appreciate you offering your opinion.

Are your friends' Patreons promoting one specific ongoing project of theirs (like an ongoing series, comic, etc.) or are they promoting themselves as artists?

And yes, the more I research it the more it seems like Patreon is the platform you can really start when you feel its right to.


2015-10-01 00:28:53

I think as a minimum, it's a good idea to have around 10k subscribers/fans/whatever before advertising financial backing. You're doing quite well on YouTube (in both the views and followers) so I think you're good to go :3

It's really up to you what content you continue to put out. You could always hold polls for some content, and for the rest just do what you want. Just a suggestion though, totally up to you in the end!

mattyburrito responds:

Hey man thanks so much for the feedback. Polls actually sound like a good idea, and I think if ever things take off I'll want to employ that in the future!


2015-10-25 15:39:57

Might be best to start now, right after you made it clear to your fans that you've created a Pateron page just now.

mattyburrito responds:

Yeah, definitely, and thanks for replying/advice-ing.


2015-12-25 22:29:49

I think in your case "JUST START IT" , maybe for you is a big choice but actually is really small .
There were Thousand more things that can help artist to get more popular and earn more cash but one mistake is they get already get scare by just one is enough for them .

I work in something similar to ya , If your fan really love you they eventually "Follow any update ya made " but to made it work ya need to expose more of your stuff. Yes the fan are selfish but ya can take advantage of them to made cash just like example ya open up a project in STARTER with small amount as a teaser and after that if ya fan notice they pay some shit for you at least ! Is a give and take !

To be honest your Pokemon and others parody plus with your art IS really a good trademark , is your own original about you . I got a friend that doesn't know about you and show up some of your video he give a response that is really good and hit the spot after that he remember the design (lol sorry he wont remember the artist for now) art you made everytime he see one of your video.

You dont have any issue in searching more FAN and all you need is just TIME to extract all of them , but you still need to EARN some cash from them or ya start thinking "IS STUPID DOING DIS PERIOD PEOPLE !!! FUQ YOU WORLD !!!" ...well something like dat .

The wrong thing is only you(if dat exact word happen) the fan wont search for you , you need to made them easy to meet you without noticing them . Its best to find refenrece of No.1 similar popular website to plan a strategy and plan to shit up the Fan in many way to fuck dem up really losses to see they mama face to face...wopps! sorry for my english slang.

..... anyway just YES YES YES YES to all ! Kill people ? YES ! Fuse people ? YES ! Seeing Mewtwo and dont catch him !!! YES !! Sleep under the bed ? YES ! YES ! YES ! wait. dat is bad.

Thats all ! btw sorry for the long comment and out of topic Mr.Mattyburrito .

mattyburrito responds:

Thanks for the response dude, I appreciate the input.

I've decided to hold off on starting one til I basically get all my shit around me sorted out and organized to where I feel I'll fully be able to keep up with it.


2016-06-21 22:27:46

It really depends what you do, I know a guy who made a patreon and all he does is comic dubs, which I don't think people will really give money for. You however make art and animation and I assume you write the scripts, it's all your ideas and perhaps there are people who want to pay you to see more of those ideas, to support you so you can keep showing them what you've got. I'm gonna start trying to get into donating some small amounts into a couple patreons I like and I think you could definitely be one of them!

mattyburrito responds:

Thanks for the reply!
I appreciate your feedback I think I'm going to be giving it a shot soon.


2016-06-30 21:34:22

I'd throw in my two cents but you seem to have gotten plenty of loose change from everyone else. Follow your dreams Burrito...

mattyburrito responds:

Hey thanks for the reply! I'm getting it done :)


2016-07-13 23:27:58

Do it, man! There is literally nothing stopping you from doing it-- there's no shame if it doesn't take off, and if it does, even if by a small amount, it allows you to divert some amount of time, even if a small amount of time, to doing freehand work.

Besides, although I'm sure some would contribute /for/ pokemon based parodies-- if I had the money to spend on what I wanted to, I wouldn't just contribute towards that-- I'd do it towards your entire YouTube channel. (your other videos are funny, as well)!

In my opinion, you can't really be too early when to start accepting fan support. Just don't count your eggs until they hatch and you should be good! Just wait until it takes off-- like I'm sure it will-- before dropping any commissions to start doing freestyle work.

If you want to talk more in depth, I'm usually on my steam:


2016-08-30 23:13:39

Don't think that it would hurt to do so, there isn't any best time to do it. Guys/Artists like Plague of Gripes just up and created an account one day, you can see the pandering on his YouTube channel. He was popular enough to get it rolling, and right now your numbers are bolstering so do it while it's hot.

Your content though, it brims with easter eggs. All the messages/images in the backgrounds, the 1 frame fan service images, that Snatcher music playing in the background of one scene ... it's a treat finding everything. That 4 minute video was stretched out to 20 minutes for me to find/read everything. Take your time on your stuff, it's worth the wait. Actually made an account on here just to echo what I said on YT.

On a side side, surprised that Newgrounds artists are still out there doing their thing, was glad to see this though. After 2008 this site kinda died down a bit. Or maybe it didn't, but you're the first artist in a long time to pull me back here. Whatever you choose, just have fun with it man.

mattyburrito responds:

hey thanks so much man, I actually didn't catch your comment on YT - yeah I might seriously have to take the 'get it while its hot' thing into consideration.. Glad you like my stuff! no matter what happens I'll keep trying to put stuff out.


2016-09-02 19:59:47

If you did I'd attempt to donate to it.


2016-09-06 00:07:11

oh boy a year late, my thoughts matt would be, you have incredible talent and put so much effort into your work that if you were to ask the fans on the side for a little help its responsible and reasonable to have a give and take relationship with your audience. With patreon people who pay will be the people supporting you and choosing to help, however no harm towards those who can't or don't. You seem like you care enough about your viewers that you are asking them if its okay to make a little money to do the thing you love and the thing they enjoy. you shouldn't feel bad about asking for money if it means improving your craft, and speed, along with making ends meet in your own life. I also doubt a lack of supporters will be a problem. However im just some writer on the internet so take my advice with a grain of salt and do what feels right to you. good luck in future parodies and work and good luck with all of this.


2016-10-09 22:05:17



2016-10-24 01:21:10

Lots of people start a Patreon thing to make parody cartoons. I mean, if it's there, the only people who are going to care are people who want to donate... so it's a win-win, the way I see it. And hell, who doesn't love a good parody cartoon or three?


2017-01-17 20:26:22

All i can say is take ur time man we as your viewers owe u that for making us these works i hope someday i will be as good as u