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lip sync animation, voice acting, sound and interface design are on point! I really admire how you accomplished so much while keeping things relatively simple too!

Found this from the P-Bot picks today! I really really love your character designs for this series! And the way you animate them has this really sick Webtoon/Ren & Stimpy feel to it :D definitely gonna watch more of this!

Love the animation and choice of music! Voice acting is on point too

scottwjsm responds:

Thanks you are free to use my music :3

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Heard this in Mochi's Night Out and had to find the source. GREAT TRACK, you got that Adult Swim aesthetic down!

This gave off a real Tsuneo Imahori feel! Great job!! I love the build up to the drop!

Quarl responds:

Never heard of him, nor have I watched Trigun but from what Im listening to right now, I will gladly accept this as a compliment ^ยท^

Love this one so much, its got such a mellow, surreal melody. Coupled with the thunderstorm makes it so relaxing. Been wanting to listen to this again.

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Shiny boobies and I like the colors!

Love the colors, and again your linework just has this grungy-destructive charm to it!

LOVE the linework in this - how did you separate the watercolors and penwork so smoothly??

JackDCurleo responds:

Hey thanks man. Its actually very cool and easy because the ink creates a slicker texter than the paper I can paint over the ink a bit and then it will dry on the paper faster than on the ink so I can just dab the still wet paint off of the ink parts. Also in some areas where the watercolor is lighter in its application the darkness of the ink just shows through on its own. Such is the case with the blue at the bottom.

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